Go Green

Since we have just had a tryst with the Environment Day, saving our planet is on the top of our mind. Go green is the mantra. Not only should we plant more trees to save our environment, we should also ban the use of plastic, wear clothes which are environment friendly and many more such things, which are environment friendly. Since, go green is on the top of our priority, we decided to list how we can incorporate the colour in our wardrobe.


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Style Right for College

It’s admission time for all students passing 12th standard boards. After the hectic study schedule, it’s time for college admissions. And though the main focus is of course getting into the best college with the course of your choice, one should not leave behind on the style quotient. Girls get glamorous once the college years start, and its important to style right to go to college. Here are a few looks which will sail you through the time when you visit the colleges for admission process.


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