Denim for Men – Trending since 1873


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yuuyFrom the times of ‘Once upon a time’ to ‘Today’ that one trend that can never go out of style is Denim!

A pair of jeans is that item you just can’t get rid of. A little cut hair and there, a little detail around may change but jeans remain the same and so does denim.

It all started in 1873 and we are sitting in 2014 now: It has evolved yes but how strongly has it evolved since then?

We’d say not much as you can’t change a ‘Classic’ as it will lose its essence.

Denim in itself as a fabric depicts being:

  • Tough
  • Rough
  • Rugged
  • Strong
  • Manly (not to be a sexist, but it in fact is masculine)
  • Stern
  • Firm
  • Hot and sexy
  • Vintage

It is everything that describes both a boy and a man!


  1. For slim to very slim men- Slim fit jeans, from thigh to knee, fits snugly as it tapers below the knee to the ankle to get a narrow leg opening. A slim straight is a safe bet if this silhouette is too tight for you.
  2. For Average or leaner framed men- It tapers a little for a narrower leg opening. This silhouette offers a tailored and sleek comfort of denim.
  3. For every man- This one’s a classic. It isn’t snug or loose and fits sharply over the thigh and straight down the ankle. If this isn’t working for you around the thigh area then opt for a stretchable version.
  4. For all body types- It is one of those wider leg-opening jeans that naturally fall over boots. It fits in a line through the seat and thigh with a bit of a flare towards the ankle.
  5. For larger frames- It is loose from the thigh to the ankle and is roomy through the hips. Best to be worn at the natural waistline.

Pick the right one and it will be your best one!

Denim on!

Crop It Like Its Hot


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Got abs?

Want to show them off?


We mean show it off while you crop.

We all keep cropping our photographs for Instagram, Facebook or to post it elsewhere, but why do it? We do it to make us look better and to have a dominant feature in the image, and yes people, the same goes for our ensemble.

Crop your top and make a statement just like those international models on the runway. This trend is a flowchart from the fashion runway and you too can have it, right here at

So, it turns out crop tops are here to stay. This fashion week, on runways, midsections were out on display, exposing the entire stomach or a merely a sliver.

I guess it is now a good plan on renewing your gym membership.


Show off that midriff because we know you want to. Let all that hard workout and gym pay off. has a wide range of crop tops that will flaunt your curves, accentuate your body and you will without a doubt, look like a total knockout.

Printed or solid, it does not matter; all the Hollywood celebrities just can’t stop plastering this mini trend on their body. The music videos, a hang out in the street, skateboarding, shopping, music video or even at their concert, you name it and famous actors are just going gaga over the crop number.

hologram top fab


In the image above, you see Pop star Rihanna sporting a hologram crop top. She has, without a doubt done total justice to this trend and to top it all she accessorizes it pretty well with her sunglasses, clutch and headband.

This is the easiest and the most burning hot style of the season, and we need to see you out there sporting this baby.

Now go on, crop it like it’s hot! Hotter! Hottest!

Lights, Glamour and Kurtis!!


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Kurtis are one of the most versatile pieces you can own. You can experiment a lot with kurtis - be it print, pattern or fabric!! Office or college or that special occasion, kurtis at Yepme can be your fit!! The kurti is ubiquitous to every Indian closet. It helps every Indian girl be modern, chic yet channels the traditional!


Office Wear :

Wearing one of these yellow felicia kurtis would want you to go to work. Combine it with a white, grey or black churidar. A side bun or a loose plait with comfortable sandals (available at Yepme) can get you smiling on the most tiring work day.


Special occasion :

For that special occasion, get traditional and choose the red Kurti(rihana). Pair it with bangles on your hand, gold earrings, bindi and finish off with a winged eyeliner. Wear over a churidar, salwar or a skirt and carry a dupatta or scarf for added glamour! Make  heads turn and light up any occasion!’

College :

Which girl doesn’t like dressing up for college? Most of us like to stock up maximum on our college options. Jeans being the obvious bottom wear we are always looking to spice up our look. Look no further and choose these vibrant color kurtis at Yepme. Try Yepme kurtis in a mix of colors and prints for your favourite pair of denims or jeggings. Yellow goes well with blue denim while blue, red compliments black denim. Go on and flaunt your chic Yepme look in college.

The best part of kurtis is the instant comfort zone they put you in. So comfortable you would want to wear them anywhere and everywhere. Comfort and the glam factor, from the same piece of clothing. Now that’s a piece of clothing every woman should own!! So go on girls, add glamour to your wardrobe with kurtis at yepme and the cameras will just follow you.                       


Spring Feverish


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Wear it Pink!!

The dawn of femininity. The stellar shade of Spring. It is Pink!! Once reserved exclusively for ultimate girly-girls, pink has now emerged as one of the hottest trends for the fashion forward. Pink is the embodiment of spring and love, never falling far from extraordinary, so let’s all embrace it!! Incorporating pink in your wardrobe is easier than you think.

How to wear :

This season wear it in the form of prints, florals or just in the form it is best. Pink!!

Classic romantic :

Wear with relaxed pants and look twice as effortlessly chic this spring. Finish off with rose gold accessories, pink gemstones and a touch of gloss to look like a goddess.

Uber – girly :

Mix pink with other pastel colors. Wear with mint for a dose of sugar sweet look. Think lilac and pink for a fashionable edge. Curl your hair or tie them in a side bun, add whimsical makeup and feministic accessories.

Sporty :

Combine these pastel pink tops with shorts, be with blue, black or pink itself. Use white or even khaki as a fresher foil for your pink. Add  a pair of wedge sneakers, wear your hair in a ponytail and add  minimal makeup to finish off your look.

Edgy :

Go for accessories that don’t play nice all the time. Leather skirt/pants would look hot with a girly pink top. To take you away from the romantic associations, balance with flats (available at Yepme) or biker boots and sleek hair.


The best part of this color is it’s association with breast cancer awareness!! So wear it to show your support for Breast cancer awareness. Let’s wear Pink for support, hope, love and for a cure. Do we need another reason??

This season Pink is the most fashionable color you can be seen in. It is the new black!! So this coming month, say it loud, say it with pink. And meanwhile let the boys wink!!

How To Perfect Your Winged Eyeliner?


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You have used brushes, gels, liquid eyeliners, pencil liners, sketchy liners only to cease the correct winged shape effect for your eyes to look more attractive, smashing and glamorous.



There are different ways of achieving the winged eyeliner.

As you can see in the image above there is not just one way to get the look but plenty of ways, tools and medias to do it with.

The step-by-step version of the wing is projected here and you can use your tool of comfort and of course the colour you want as well.



This is a detailed and a smart way of doing it too.



There isn’t just one but plenty of versions of the winged liner. You cannot get bored with this bird trend and sport it according to the occasion, a soft wing for the day and a heavier look for the evening.



Add colors as you like and match it in a funky way with spunk in your wardrobe.You do not have to use black always, be a daredevil and explore the colour palette, there happens to be a million hues to chose from, so experiment with what looks good on you and you’ll just end up surprising yourself.

You can’t be shivering while applying it; a stroke of confidence is in order if you want to master the art of winging it.

Make your wink worthwhile and wing it in a poised fashion.

Bat those lashes and he will not be able to take his eyes off you.

Also, try wearing ombre effect on your lips with this trend it looks alluring.



For a dramatic look, try this look and pull a cat-woman or bat-woman look; comic con in Delhi is round the corner.

FINISHING TIP: Try not overloading your mascara on those lashes, but do use it and wear a white pencil on the inside of the lower lid of your eyes.

Pop up those fine eyes and a twinkle is born.

Wink it & Wing it!

Animal Inspired


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Animal print never ever goes out of fashion. It’s always trending!! So every fashionista should own at least a piece of this print. Trust us when we say this print is for everybody, you only have to remember to be true to yourself, and style it right. ‘Subtlety‘ is the key word when it comes to stylish ways of wearing animal prints. Be it office or college these super versatile animal print tops can be styled in so many different ways and We are going to tell you exactly how to style it right.

style diary_yepme

Style Diary :

1) For the more conservative, mix and match animal prints with solid, basic colors only. Black seems to work best. Insert color through heels or a lip shade.

2) Staying single is key with animal print, Choose only one large part of your outfit that’s wild. For instance, if your top is a leopard or tiger let the pants be non animal.

3) If you want to be daring, take a leap and pair with a pencil skirt which touches below the knee or leather pants.

4) Wear animal print with bright colors. Think only one single vibrant color. Choose your color and have fun with it. This actually helps in toning down the print as the color steals attention away from print. Green pants (available at Yepme) would look delicious with animal print tops at Yepme.

5) Wear your animal print top with a skater skirt. Finish off with ballet flats at Yepme.

6) For a casual look, team with a denim skirt and neutral flat shoes. You could bring it up a notch by styling it with a circle skirt and adding a swing to your every step.

7) Wear with a oversized blazer or a cropped one and a black skirt to sizzle at any formal event.

8) Take advantage and draw attention everywhere you go with these animal print tops.

Have your ‘soulmate moment ‘ with these animal print tops from Yepme! It’s not everyday that you find fashion that looks good on everybody and is perfect even for the red carpet. Animal prints are roaring in the fashion scene right now. So go wild over them! Get your paws on them girls!!

This Valentine Have Fun With Your Best Friend


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“As we go on, we remember all the times we’d spent together,
and as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be friends forever.”

These lines are from the song ‘Graduation’ by ‘Vitamin C’ and say a lot about friends and their love for one another.

What better reason to celebrate the love of friendship than on Valentine’s Day?

Are you a couple this Valentine?

Are you with a partner?

Is there someone to say ‘I love you’ to?

Are you currently seeing someone?

Are you dating anyone?

If the answer to all these questions is a big fat ‘NO’ then you are in for a treat. First of all, change your answer to ‘YES’ as this year you are spending your valentine with your best friend or your group of girls.



Shop your favourite colours and prints, silhouettes from and get out and do fun things.

You need to party, you need to eat and you need to click pictures.

Wither away from the stereotype candle light with a guy, rather spend your day with the one who knows you best and always has your back: she is your best friend and you will only have guaranteed fun.


Your friend and you always had a bucket list and maybe it is eating dust now. So, pull it out and strike it off on Valentine’s Day.

Things to do on Valentine’s Day with your BFF:

  1. Get your hair coloured.
  2. Get a BFF tattoo
  3. Go shopping, always works, or simple have a pajama party at home and shop online at while you tap your polished fingernails.
  4. Play guitar at a green park and sing to each other while setting a cute little picnic of your favourite munchies.
  5. Take millions of selfies with your BFF and post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  6. Dress up hot and trendy with new blouses, skirts and skinny jeans with high heels and get out at night and champagne away!

You couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine and if you look back at this day in future, you may or may not have a man in your life that you once dated but you will always have your BFF.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine Day for the Couple


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When did it all begin?

There are various theories on the origin of Valentine’s Day, but the most popular dates back to the time of the Roman Empire during the reign of Claudius II, 270 A.D.

Claudius did not want men to marry during wartime because he believed single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret wedding ceremonies. For this, Valentine was jailed and then executed by order of the Emperor on Feb. 14.

While in jail, he wrote a love note to the jailor’s daughter, signing it, “From your Valentine.” 

Don’t get into jail but write her a letter this valentine (not virtual).

BeFunky_BM-pink-gallery copy.jpg

Most of us are couples on Valentine’s Day and would love to show extra love on this day. Yes, we say everyday should be Valentine’s Day and why shouldn’t it be, but why stop celebrating love on a specific day?

We are an independent and a republic nation but we still have a day designated to specially remember our history and thank the fact that we are a beautiful evolved country.

So such days in your life are just yearly reminders that LOVE is not dead, it is as beautiful and doing little things for each other never gets old.


Dress to impress her, secretly find out what she’s wearing and match up your ensemble with her. That will blow her away.



For a day look on Valentine’s (Women)

  1. Mint shorts: Both, high or low waist is good.
  2. Printed falling half sleeves blouse.
  3. Black ballerinas
  4. A ring or cuff.
  5. Arm candy (if you know what we mean)

For a day look on Valentine’s (Men)

  1. Dark denim
  2. Semi fitted tee that goes with your partner’s colour palette too.
  3. Lace cum Velcro shoes, preferably tan in colour.
  4. A watch definitely!
  5. A beautiful woman, resting on your shoulder.


End your day by getting out and add a little glitter to your evening.

Make a sparkling night to remember until the next Valentine’s Day.

Get her a rose another day, other than Valentine’s Day and watch yourself be the reason for that gorgeous smile and keep guessing how your lady shall reward you later.


New Collection


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We like flowers like any other girl, don’t get us wrong!! But why not invest in flowers that bloom for the longest time. Floral print is a definite staple in the girly girl closet.

Florals can be edgy, flirty or just girly. Whatever you want them to be!!

Go edgy: With the right outfit, floral print can also have an edgy feel, all you need is tougher accessories. Think a floral print dress with a leather jacket and oxfords or just add a denim jacket! Mix and match for a look that’s all your own. Clash bright colors and graphic lines. Try a printed top with colorful leggings.

Go girly : For an all feminine ensemble, think floral tops by Yepme. All you need is one from the collection. Add shorts in the day or a skater skirt by the evening and you are all set to be wooed for that romantic fairytale.

Go adventurous or conservative : The most popular prints this season are polka dots, florals and stripes. For the adventurous out there, don’t hesitate to try stripes with florals. For the more conservative, color coordinate your outfit by choosing one common color. Still afraid to try the trend, well then, just stick to floral accessories.

Night out : Don’t just think daytime when you think of flowers. You can bring your brights into evening territory by adding dark tights or just adding a brighter hue on the lips. Think red or berry!

This is a fashion ‘do’ : Go get yourselves snapshots, take selfies, because girl you will be stunning in these floral tops by Yepme!! Go flower power!! Get yourself on the cover of a magazine, as these tops are a safe bet for double looks, making you look cute and charming.

Celebrity Spotted – Pulkit Samrat


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We all dig the slangs and dialogues in the movie,’Fukrey’; no one really thought that the movie would do so well. Pulkit Samrat – the protagonist, did a commendable job and his fan following touched the sky after the movie.

Lately, we spotted the star in Yepme gear and of course we would share it with Yepme fans and the celebrity’s fans. This is a delight that just can’t miss your eyes. It is a check shirt and is worn is a casual and easy style by our star.

Celebrities from the tinsel town love the Yepme trend and it is easily available at your doorstep too. Think about it, you are wearing what the celebrities are wearing lately. Be a star, no matter where you are.


Slip half of your shirt out and the other half tucked in. To complete and compliment the casual and easy look, slip on a pair of tough, rugged, ripped jeans and it is bound to look effortless. Pulkit Samrat himself chooses this look.

18999_YPXL_1 copy copy


  1. Insert a pair of cufflinks and button it at the cuffs for a clean look.
  2. Button it up till the collar and sport it with a bow tie.
  3. Fitted trousers
  4. Brogues, oxfords or loafers: Either of these shoes are a go-getter.
  5. Snapback your gelled mafia hair and sport those mean wayfarers.
  6. Finish your look with a neat, sharp and crisp blazer.
  7. A vintage watch.
  8. Optional: Carry a man bag, which has the capacity to hold your I-pad, laptop and maybe a file or two.

Dress it up or down, you will end up looking dressy for sure. Wear it like your favourite celebrities and become one yourself!


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