How to Get Ombre Lips?


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The most desired lip style lately has been ombre lips and there is no denying that everyone wants to master the art of the shaded effect.

These lips can be achieved for different occasions: be it for the day or night. We try and get too many tutorials for the same but shows you how to get the desired look with very easy steps. We have tried explaining the art of ombre lips, pictorially for your better understanding.


After you have applied lip balm on your lips, you leave it for a little while and then start with the following steps and refer the image above with each step:

Step 1 : Apply a bright version of the lipstick you want to wear all over.

Step 2 : Then cover all the edges with a dark liner pencil.

Step 3 : The very mid point of your lips is to be covered in light shimmer for the dynamism in it. It works as a natural pout.

Step 4 : With a help of a lip brush first blend the darker region inwards and then start blending the light shimmer with the rest.


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The Day Look : 

In the image above the steps have been implied upon and hence a look is achieved. This kind of look is perfect for a light summer day, or if you work and have a workplace to go to.


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The Dinner Date Look :

It is that kind of a look we like to call ‘THE VAMPIRE’!” It’s devilish, so dangerous, so poisonous and just too irresistible. The steps are easy to follow with the image above.  Trust us! He just won’t be able to resist your more charm. Take our word for it.


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The Glitter Party Look : 

What is a party without a little bit of glitter? Slap on the desired ombre colour on your lips and all you need to do next is, dust a little sparkle on it. It is best to have a glitter gloss to hover it over your lips. Go on! Party on!


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The Drama Queen :

If you like drama in your makeup then opt for a colour that isn’t donned that often and try and experiment with different hues everyday. Let the artist in your do the talking and project your ombre-ness!

Weekend Style Dairy with Esha Gupta


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Esha Gupta
Exude sophistication, be chic, and fashionable this summer with Dress up, have fun, let today be about you. Its all about reimagining. The spring/summer 2014 yepme collection feels more than generous, particularly when it comes to making a statement through your garments. From details to accessories, and from attitude to silhouette, everything is made new, and incredibly modern.

Casual Friday :

It started as an American trend and has now spread to other parts of the world as well. It’s dress down Friday. A casual day for dressing. With the increase in woman in the corporate world, women’s office wear has evolved from classic formals and blues to a more casual and fashionable look. has now introduced this new range of clothes for the modern woman.

Be vibrant and upbeat this summer with Casual Friday is not the same as just-woke-up Sunday morning, meaning that while your wardrobe might be relaxed, your grooming shouldn’t be. Throw on your flats and wear makeup and appear attentive to your appearance because it matters.

Let’s party Saturday :

What to wear for Saturday night? The planning actually starts midweek. With you don’t actually have to worry. Start with what you like, Yepme adds the sparkle. This Saturday be a traffic stopper, try the latest trend of 2014, the Fringe!!

How to wear Fringe :

• Inject your wardrobe with some ‘rock and roll’ spirit with some fringe tops. Wear your fringe with shorts for a party.
• Throw on your fringe top over a skirt. It could be a tutu skirt, a circle skirt or even a straight fit skirt. Look full glamour on your Saturday with this look.
• Pair your top and skirt with seriously sexy heels. Try stilettos for a night party and wedges for going out in the day.
• Give your everyday watch a night off and wear a little bling in the wrist. Add accessories in the hand and ears with your fringe top.
• Pair your fringe with pants featuring a relaxed fit, with tailored shorts and mini skirts in leight weight fabrics. At night is when fringe is fully allowed to exude its glamour. Choose sleek accessories, statement heels and effortless hairstyles.

Relaxed Sunday :

The most uncomplicated day of the week, it’s Sunday. Schedules have got busier, and free time becomes harder in today’s world. Give yourself a break by relaxing on a Sunday. Try a lazy Sunday brunch or a picnic, maybe a movie marathon. Let your skin breathe by wearing no makeup. Feel comfy with tops from Wear pastel colors to be relaxed and comfortable.

Esha Gupta Collection

Fashion Trends


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Hi-Low Hemline

The high low trend :

Whether it’s in the form of a boho chic skirt, a glam dress, or a casual tank, rocking the high low trend is the perfect way to show off your fashion forward summer style. Extremely easy to wear and feminine. If you don’t like wearing, those long maxi dresses, opt for the high low dresses.


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How to work this trend :

• Wear, wear. Wear an interesting fierce footwear. The roman sandals will do justice to your dress. Feeling adventurous? Try them with cowboy boots.
• High low dress or skirt? Whichever is your preference, make sure to define the waist. Add a belt on the dress.
• This look is relaxed and flowy so it works on all body types.
• Add a clutch bag if you wearing it to a party.
• Wear your high low top from with shorts, a cute belt, with the shirt half tucked.
• The high low hem sets the floor for some fun hats and jewelry. So pile on those accessories.

Abstract Prints

The summer 2014 print trends :

Prints are one of the main design-shaping tools for any types of garments. The summer 2014 print trends promise to be quite bright and energizing, filled with sunny and very spectacular drives.

The abstract prints are quite a modern and freshly emerging drive in the world of fashion trends. They have something mysterious and charismatic, about then that really manages to catch your attention.

main_originalCourtesy :

How to style this trend :

• Wear your abstract top from with any regular jeans. This keeps the attention on the top and also helps to stylize any basic denims.
• Give a fresh feel to any garment, make a bold statement. Team with neutral shoes and accessories.
• If you are going for a striking top or skirt, pair with something simple such as classic tailoring.
• These tops can take you from season to season, so invest now. The key thing to keep in mind is that less is more. Brevity is important while trying this trend.

Diary of a Metro Women


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5 ‘Single in the city’ is the style mantra and notion of this hot diva when she lets the Fashionista in her flow. offers nothing but class with the launch of its premium clothing for the lady.

A lady who owns up to her responsibilities and is not scared to be a class apart. She is a woman of today and tomorrow who is nothing less than a person with principles and not to forget, flawless style.

Esha Gupta (actor) is seen donning the collection so let your eyes do the touring while we show you what’s in store in our designer wardrobe. The collection is for a 21st Century woman living an everyday life in a metro city.

18 copy
No matter how big or small the occasion is, it all makes an entry in the diary of a metro woman. She is always excited for every event and the very first thing that is finalized is the ensemble she’ll sport.

Effortless style is portrayed here with the show of a lace detail blouse that is both fun and chic to wear.


Who doesn’t love a little yellow number? But, a diva would do it in lace because she knows how to pull it off with poise! It passes for an everyday wear in her wardrobe as nothing less would make the cut.


Esha Gupta speaks for with respect to style being available to all. The metro woman indulges in vanity and we support it too. Without vanity the world shall cease to exist. You are always to fall in love with yourself, first.

21 copyShe works and does it with full confidence and authority. She doesn’t get her hands dirty in everything but with whatever she designates herself to do, she does it and leaves her workplace, spotless.

You know she is a workaholic when you notice a coffee/green tea mug in one hand and of course her cellphone on the other.
Esha Gupta has donned a red-hot lace number for work wear by


A confident one is without a doubt, a woman: wearing a crossover blouse made with a fabric that only volumes class.

She has class.

She has poise.

She only digs men with caliber not boys with mini dreams. Her idea of a perfect man is: A crisp suit, holiday at a resort, eats healthy, loves fitness, no grammatical errors, fluent communication and a die hard lover.

32 copy
She is sexy and we know it! launches its very first premium clothing for a metro city woman.

Esha Gupta does total justice to the collection as she has both face and body of the woman of today. This collection projects the very mother of class and beyond.

Farhan Akhtar’s Collection for Women


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In the previous issue of Farhan Akhtar’s collection, you all witnessed a man’s wardrobe being fashionably donned the actor/singer himself.

He zoned another level of trend with denim shirts, graphic tees, chinos, jeans and loafers. It is correct to say that he went highly chic with respect to his ensemble.

While we were glued to Farhan Akhtar in his catchy number, “tension kyun lete ho yaar”, in association with, we also caught hold of a beautiful girl in the video; a girl such as you. A girl who wants to have fun, wear the most comfortable clothing with a bonus point of being fashionable.

Farhan wants to score the girl next door and he does so too, finally.

THE OBVIOUS: He is wearing YEPME.COM! Duh!

H copy
The Flared Pink Crop Top:

She is flaunting her midriff by wearing this fashionably sound number. The colour of a girl is best worn in a flamboyant silhouette.

Wear IT With:

  • Pastel shorts(Low Waist)
  • Shorts(High Waist)
  • Jeans
  • High waist skirt
  • Canvas shoes
  • Wedges(For the diva in you)

The Asymmetrical Printed Blouse:

This geometric print is the best bet with pastels. We also have solids available in the same silhouette.

Wear it With :

  • Jeans
  • Canvas shoes
  • Flared pants
  • Palazzos
  • Skirts
  • Shorts
  • Wear heels for a night out with your hair up and long dangly earrings.


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As seen in the video, a lot of you noticed the hairdo of the girl and let’s be honest you fell in love with it.

In the image above we have pictorially shown you the ‘KNOW HOW’ of how to braid the very same hairstyle. It is best donned on a day-to-day basis with an oomph factor and a little dust of chicness in it.

Get your Farhan Akhtar collection at your doorstep now and be the girl who wins hearts as she wins him over in the video. Wear Yepme and don’t take tension.

Its Greek to Me


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Well, well, well, don’t we all like a taste of Greek mythology? As soon as we spot a handsome hunk with the best tan and hazel eyes, we term him as, ‘Greek God’, simply because of his looks.

It is correct to say that we love togas or Greek dresses and lately we all adorn ourselves with the flower wreath on our head.

Have a white party to go to?

We know what you’re thinking. You have a white Greek dress in mind with a beautifully crowned hair with flowers. Don’t we all just love the tint of white? And we know you have your eyes set on the dress in the image, so grab it while it lasts. What’s the wait? Get creative with your accessories and let your ensemble do the talking.


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The accessories are the best part about going all Greek and all out! From the hair to rings, necklaces and then there are the famous gladiator footwear.

TIP: Make sure all your accessories are well defined in terms of the intricacy in the design and character. It will be best if you can opt for a vintage number!

It is all about details!


 Courtesy :

The accessories are the best part about going all Greek and all out! From the hair to rings, necklaces and then there are the famous gladiator footwear.

TIP: Make sure all your accessories are well defined in terms of the intricacy in the design and character. It will be best if you can opt for a vintage number!

It is all about details!

Fashion Horoscope – Gemini


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Fashion horoscope for the month

It’s that time of the month again. We are back with the fashion horoscope at This month is of Gemini, the twin!

Who is fond of unlimited attention? Who oscillates and changes often – It is the Gemini!!

Birthstone: Pearl

Element: Air

Apart from being lively, Gemini love life and pleasure. They are versatile with my many facets and aspects. Drawn to things in two, that includes shoes, gloves, sunglasses etc. The star sign of duality, they are fab at doing two things at one time, and multitasking.

Fashion and Gemini:

Colors and costumes! A Gemini can whip up their costumes like no other.

Sight: Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie.

Courtesy :

No one wears a character like a Gemini. Clothing around the arms and hands please Gemini. If you notice the style before the person: It’s a Gemini!! Those gregarious Gemini girls sparkle and shine wherever they are – it’s their number one beauty asset.

gemini celebs

Courtesy :

Extremely expressive through their hands, Gemini can wear a lot of bangles and bracelets. Splash out on manicures all you Gemini girls. A Gemini girl should be wearing halter and off shoulder tops. It’s never heavy weather for a Gemini and they love to keep their clothes light and flouncy. The polka dot works for them, and is used again and again in fashion around their birthday.

Colors and Gemini:

They love colors. They are happiest when colors work well in their wardrobe. Gemini is the light, bright, social butterfly when they wear yellow.

Gemini’s embrace flirty, fun and eclectic styles. Duality in their clothes can be seen. Casual with stand out accessories is the trademark of a Gemini. Playful, flirty and yet put together is a Gemini.

Nautical Nature – Stripes T-Shirt


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Nautical nature is the channel to flip to as we set sail this season. Stripes, without a doubt is the most evergreen trend there is. What Jeans is to the lower wear, it is stripes for the upper wear.

There are certain rules of wearing stripes

1) Vertical Limit – Optically speaking, vertical stripes will make you look taller. Donning horizontal stripes comes with the unfortunate side effect of making overweight people look even more overweight. They shall appear bigger than they already are. It is the work of eye as the illusion makes us believe that the person is that big, whereas it’s simply a mirage.

2) Definitely avoid very thick stripes – thin ones look more stylish and in trend.

3) Always be cautious when combining the colours. Do not indulge in it unless of course you want your outfit to look funny and loud.

4) Mix stripes carefully. Two pieces of clothing should have stripes of different nature, most importantly.

Stripe Moodboard copy 2 copy
There are ‘n’ number of stripes, but just to fill you in with the cream of stripes we have stated different kinds of stripes there are, below:

  • Hairline Stripes – Very closed to one another. Almost 22 lines of stripes in an inch.
  • Dress Stripes – Better gap than that of a hairline stripe. Almost 9 line in an inch, 6 if a little wider.
  • Pin stripes – 4 lines if wider and 7 if closer in an inch. Very famous form of element in stripes.
  • Candy stripes – thicker lines of stripes than dress stripes
  • Bengal Stripes
  • Awning Stripes
  • Shadow Stripes
  • Multi Stripes

rackcdncom copy

We all remember, ‘Popeye, The Sailor Man’, don’t we? So, this season it is Popeye’s way of setting the trend, as we keep getting naughty is nautical stripes.

Here’s a thought!

Prepare a basket full of eateries and a few drinks, pack a striped swimsuit for your girl, wear a striped number(, and get a boat/yacht so you can have a day put at sea with your girl with a classic number.

P.S.* Do not forget your sunglasses and Sunscreen. Get Popeye-ing already!

The Perfect Lipstick


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The Perfect Pout :

How to master the art of perfect lipstick?? Most women talk about lipsticks and state that they don’t know how to wear lipstick, when actually they are just nerves that they won’t be able to pull off certain colors. Here we tell you how to master the art of choosing and applying lipstick.

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Choose your Hue :

Ready to awaken your love for lipstick? Start by seeking the perfect shade for yourself. Take into account the natural hue of your lips when choosing colors. Secondly keep in mind the situation and season. Warm colors look gorgeous in summer. Think traffic stopping red for anytime anywhere!!


Courtesy :

Select a Texture :

Creamy, glossy, Matt, pearl, satin etc. are the various options you have when choosing your favorite texture. Remember to exfoliate lips before applying, as many textures highlight dryness and fine lines.

Lip Liner :

Always apply darker shades with a lip liner. It helps the lipstick to be in place longer, not letting it bleed.

Lipstick Brush :

Use a brush to apply lipstick. It just makes things easier. Use a retractable one for keeping in your bag. It helps staying in line!!

Nails :

Try not  to clash your nail color with your lipstick. Nails of the same color can work. Just try nude nails with bright lipsticks like red and orange.

Reapply :

Take your lipstick along. Touch up after eating, drinking, or even talking for a while. No one is a fan of faded eaten lipstick. Use a Q-tip and concealer to clean up any spread lipstick.

Nothing draws attention to your face than colorful lips. Crank up your fun look, and slick on a coat of lip color. And if you are not looking to take the plunge into lipstick, don’t fear : You can try lip glosses with a fun bolt of color. Lipstick is the quickest makeup look. Apply a sweep of liquid eyeliner and a rich lip, and you ‘re ready for a night out. Use a ‘wow’ shade to brighten up any outfit. It’s selfies time – pout girls.


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Indian Saree – Perfect for the Indian Summer


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An Indian Summer

For Office :

Heading out to the office for a 9 to 5 job, choose a saree from Wonderfully comfortable and stylish, ideal for the long hot Indian summer. Cotton or chiffon daily wear Sarees Are much into demand for the office. Wear your Yepme saree with wedge heels or sandals to stay chic throughout your office day.

For Parties

Nothing spells sensuous and winsome, more than the Indian saree. Wear your Yepme saree for a red carpet look. A clutch bag in one hand, heels and the hair tied in a stylish bun. Steal the spotlight with this look. There’s nothing else you would need to get all the attention.


 Courtesy :

How to wear it :

They say practice makes perfect. If you don’t wear a saree for the fear of doing it wrong. Follow the above easy steps to tie a saree.

image (3)

Courtesy :,

Saree : For a Bollywood moment. Have you ever seen a Bollywood movie? Off course you have. You do realize that none of the movies have been without the actress wearing a saree. All the Bollywood heroines have at least one scene in which they done a saree. Be it Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota hai or Deepika in Yeh Jawani hai Deewani, the saree is saved for making the actress look divine. And if you manage a movie’s name where they haven’t, well then , there must be  a scene where they should have!!

The Indian saree has all the elements. Drama, style, sensuality, beauty etc.

The saree is one of the oldest and perhaps the only surviving garment of the past. It’s a sensuous and Glamourous outfit for an Indian woman.

Come on girls, let this summer be about the Saree. Have a knockout, drop dead gorgeous Bollywood moment, with your Yepme saree.


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