Give These Shorts a Shot!


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Are you heading on to a holiday or is it beach calling? Do summers take a toll on you or you love to get drenched? If the answers to anyone of this is a “Yes”, then we have a suggesstion for your wardrobe; a new addition full of color, comfort and style. Get a few pairs of shorts and add life to your closet.

A pair of hot shorts is your ticket to the league of ultimate glam divas. So, just don’t wait, grab these and make way for fun times ahead. The good old shorts are chic, extremely casual and easy to wear. These can be your pick to a party or to a holiday or on a date. Shorts go well with practically everything and also are a stress buster. Now, if you may ask me why, you’ll know it when you get flooded with compliments. Shorts are a huge hit with the teems and also the celebrities. If you’re daring enough, you can wear your pair of shorts with high heeled pumps. Not that, it’s too much to carry a pump but then you would know what “compliment flooding” is!

Enough of jokes done, carry your pair of shorts without any rule. Dress your way and flaunt your own individual style. Wear shoes for a cool and casual look and pumps for a party or chic look. Pair the shorts with a polo tee for a day at the beach and with a sequinned tank for a dance night. Carry a bag that suits your style and fits your stuff. Go Wild and experimental with shorts.

Are shorts too much for you, to make them appropriate for you, wear black or skin-colored tights or stockings under them and walk away with oddles of confidence.

Here are a few picks that you can definitely add to your wardrobe.

It’s just not cricket! It’s The Cricket Fashion Code…!


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It is the time to get together with family and friends and watch endless cricketing, live the sport and revel in the entertainment. First of all, keep in mind that the look should be sporty and not sexy. So keep the look simple and casual. It is the day to celebrate a game we all love. Why not do it in the best way possible? Spread the word and the cheer!


This one is a no-brainer. The best way to support a team is to wear their jersey.Wear the jersey of the team you support. This way you have not only established your loyalties but have also dressed right for the game.Nothing blingy or revealing here. No deep necklines. You should concentrate on enjoying the match and having a nice time with your friends rather than seducing everyone around! When it comes to sports, guys don’t tolerate any kind of distraction.If you are feeling a little bit patriotic, go sport your flag on it.
The Feet Fashion

You will be on your feet for the larger part of the game. First, standing in the line to get in the stadium and then when hooting and cheering for your team. Therefore, you must wear comfortable foot wear. Stick to sports shoes or keds. Avoid loafers, slippers. The latter just won’t be comfortable enough.

Go Denims

You want to be comfortable when you are enjoying the game. Go for a slightly washed out pair of jeans.You can also wear a nice pair of shorts if you like but then don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your legs.


If you are going for a day/evening game, then do not forget to carry your glares. You will be left squinting thanks to the harsh sunlight and thus will perhaps miss the game. Now these are very obvious. So carry a pair of very stylish sunglasses.


I would say go easy on the accessories. You can go ahead and wear a nice bracelet or a big ring but don’t try to overdo it. Keep the look neat. Maybe you can spice up the look with a scarf or a bandana over your head with your team’s flag to show some support. Totally depends on your personal style.

This is our simple yet stylish guide that will help you select what to wear to a Cricket match. Don’t focus too much on the dressing bit though; just wear whatever you are most comfortable in and have a blast!

Casual Striped Shirts For Girls


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If your style is fun, flirty and young, then striped shirts are what are going to be magical for you.  Striped shirts are a more sophisticated and trendy style to impress. They look very casual when paired with denims or may be formal when paired with trousers but the truth is that they are very chic too. Let us decode our very own striped shirts to make our way to the chic world.

Conventional way of wearing striped shirt:

  • With trousers to office
  • With denims to shopping or casual day outs

How to make your striped shirt fun:

  • Wear a striped shirt with a skinny (a basic blue skinny), high heeled pumps and a sling bag. Tie a high ponytail and nude make-up for a casual look.
  • For a glamourous formal look, wear a tucked in striped shirt with a red, blue or mauve straight skirt (pair with bold colored skirts), a conductor bag, a french bun and a bold lip color. This is definitely what we call dress to impress.
  • Heading out for a fun day ahead, wear a jumpsuit (a plain one) and put on a striped shirt onto your jumpsuit and tie a knot at the end. Wear canvas shoes, loafers or any easy to wear flats with it.
  • Wear a tucked in striped shirt with a pleated trouser, hop into a blazer and you are ready to rock to that A list event where you recently got invited to.
  • If you are wanting to wear a little more comfotable clothes and yet look chic, then this one is going to be the easiest and best look for you. Wear a long striped shirt and complement it with a contrasting coloured jegging. Tie a tan belt around your waist and wear some hanging neckpiece. Do not wear heels with this look. Maintain your comfort throughout.

Tips For Guys On What To Wear On a First Date


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Only if anyone knew what their first date would be like, they would plan and make it an “All Perfect” day. The fact however is that the first date is always like playing a lottery; you don’t know what is going to happen and you don’t know what might be impressive. While a girl always knows what clothes to wear, what accessories to put up and exactly what bag to carry, here are a few fashion tips for guys for their first date. So, guys, put up your best foot forward because you only have one impression to cast.

  • Don’t Wear a Suit: She would love to see that you made some efforts to dress for her. Do not turn to your first date in a three piece suit. Whether or not you had time to change after your office, a three piece suit is strictly office attire. Save all of these for the weddings and your boardroom sagas. Dressing formal can impress her but not dressing in a tuxedo, you would obviously not take her to a nearby lounge all decked up in one. So, do not look up at that part of your closet where you stack up all your formal attire and wear something casual for your first date.
  • Cologne: Do not bathe in it! As the old adage goes, “Your woman would like to dance on your perfume and not drown in it”, apply a perfume like it should, just like a perfume. If you are thinking that more the fragrance, more the attraction, then please RETHINK! A little fragrance would be classy and loads of it would only denote arrogance.
  • Get Grooming: No girl would get impressed by an unkept and unshaven guy. We are not promoting anything else except being clean and hygienic here!
  • Blazer: It’s good that you have finally decided to give your office attire a rest but still if you are looking for a bit of formal look, then hop on a blazer on your denims. Not a black blazer at all. Try on w white, red, blue or beige blazer and dress to make an impression.
  • Colors: Let your first tryst with your dream girl go colourful. Try and incorporate colours in your outfit. Whether it’s your shirt, your denims, your blazer or your shoes, try and get colors in them. Girls, do not like boring clothing. Monochrome can be great for a ballroom party but let your colourful side take over you on your first date.
  • Smile: This is the most important accessory that you need to wear on your first date. Smile and carve out a great life together.

While you are preparing for your first date, I am sure our tips would come handy to you. If you have any trouble in deciding what to wear, have a look at our casual collection.

The Fashion Chart


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I really adore how the addition of an eye-catching Accessory can take a basic outfit to the next level.All these statement Accessories do just that.

Add these beautiful  Accessories to a jeans and t-shirt and you’re instantly polished. Keep it simple with basic trousers,tailored shirt with a leather loafers and you are smart at work place. Throw on over a Little Black Dress and you’re on trend.They add the extra touch that can make an outfit memorable whether it’s dinner out, date-night, drinks with the friends, or an important meeting. Be it a stroll at the market place or visiting your next door neighbor, or catching your friends for a movie, you can put on these flip-flops to give trendy look.For an eye-catching statement, this fashion chart will definitely be my go this season.

The Denim Dairy!


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No matter what you wear… Wear it with Denims…!

Pick some of the hottest denims trends for a fabulous summer style…!

Make it skinny

Skinny denims automatically make your legs look longer & leaner. For a slimming effect, wear with a longer, belted tunic top. To add curves, wear with a jacket that ends at your hip bone.

Pair it well, With everything!

Bright’s v/s pastels

If you love bright and bold colours, you will look fabulous in ankle-length style jeans. If you like soft tones, then go for pastel jeans. Pair with other pastel shades for clean and classic polished look.

Pick any length

We’re obsessed with skinny-cropped jeans! These super-cute, come in varied lengths—from cropped -at-the-knee to ankle-length, and are perfect for hot months.

Lil’ miss fancy pants

Jeans in bold prints are flowering on runways and celebrity outings. Choose a solid coloured top and let your jeans be the star of the look.

Get Jegging!

Skinny jeans just got skinnier, thanks to an added dose of lycra, making them comfy and easy-to-wear. The snug fit of jeggings helps to balance out your Body frame.

Pair it with flats, loafers for a Sunday brunch, heels for a date, and sexy booties for a girls’ night out.

Return of the ’70s flare

They’re back! Make sure the Switching of these retro-inspired jeans is within an inch or less off the ground. Pair it with super comfy wedges and platforms, which are the ideal companions for your flared jeans, since they make for the best ‘fall’.

Rock ‘N’ Roll

Punk-rock just got a whole new lease of life with a range of high street and designer jeans dedicated to rocker style. Make a statement in distressed denims.

Pair it with Funky accessories. Give your rocker jeans look extra cool with a pair of studded shoes or clutch.

Wear an Accessory that speaks


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Looks that can kill.. Check! Dressed to Impress.. Check! 5 Inches heel.. Check! Aren’t these on everyone else’s check lists too? How about adding something different to your ensemble and making it more attractive? How about adding an accessory to your outfit that speaks in itself? We have got some choices for you here that will drive you crazy.

We all love clicking and getting clicked, how about wearing a miniature camera in your neck. A camera as a motif in your neckpiece can be uber chic. It will be different and eye catchy. Wear the Anna and Lynn necklace with any checked shirt and you would be all set to glam up your everyday college look. You can also wear the Classic Camera pendant necklace with your funky graphic tees or stack it up with other neck pieces.

 If you are a music freak, then this one will be the best for you. The Ela necklace would suit your personality and preference the best. You can wear it along any shirt/top/blouse if you are heading for a concert, hip hop session or for just any other cool day. This necklace would definitely make guys around you feel jealous. Wear the beauty in your neck with attitude!

Remember how the owl necklace made it big, you can also create a trend like that. Stack up the Cindy and Sally Necklace around your neck and get the mood just right. Dainty and chic, these would add the quirk to your outfits. So, put on a blue denim, a checkered shirt and stack on a few neckpieces. Hit is just the right way and head on to a fun filled day.

Spot the Prints Trend

The trend of donning a printed top is something that stays in vogue all throughout the year. It isn’t something that we are just seeing springing up in the Fashion circuit suddenly but it is a much loved trend which is making its appearance again this season. Gone are the days when the only prints available were “Floral prints” and “ethnic prints” and were associated with ethnic clothing largely. Today, you have different prints to make your closet look colourful and refreshing.

These printed tops/shirts can perk up any look that you are planning to casual chic. Mixing prints is an art; they can quirk up your looks, turn you glam and make you go classy.  So, pick up a printed top and style it to look your colourful best.

Prints that will make you go mad:

Enjoy the monsoons while you pep up your outfits with printed blouses. Try something different that you haven’t tried ever. Go Nude in your lip color, color block your accessories and carry large clutches. Plan a fun look and enjoy wearing prints.

A trend that is also doing rounds in the fashion fraternity is wearing prints on prints. Wearing printed, harems, jodhpuri pants, and trousers along with printed blouses is the new challenge that you can dare to take up. So, are you ready to make your next purchase?

Dress better and dress with confidence


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Fashion is not just confined to a girl’s closet. These days Guys are equally aware about all things Fashion! The modern day guy is fashionable, trendy and very confident.

Here are a few everyday tips for guys that can fetch them more and more complements.

1. Guys generally tend to wear loose clothes; most of the times they wear T-shirts that are larger than their size. Restrict such clothes only for those cool and casual days or beach parties.

2. Make sure that any piece of clothing that you buy or intend to buy that is well fitted. Badly fitted clothes are a strict no in the fashion world!

3. A combo of Polo T- shirt and a pair of denims can be the best casual outfit if both the things fit impeccably. Care can be taken while deciding the colour combination.

4. Over dressing or adding too many accessories to your outfit might not go with your style. Try and keep it simple. Accessories are an excellent way of expressing your individuality.  Always focus on wearing a few good accessories like a branded watch or sunglasses that flaunt your personality the most and will make you look classy.

5. Adding different colours to your wardrobe is another important thing which should not be ignored. White and black are classic colours; wear them in a hurry or confusion or any time, they will never let you down.

6. A well-fitted white Shirt complimented with black trousers – That’s the perfect style for your office.

7. Footwear is also very important. Wear thick soled shoes when you need to walk a lot and go for classic black or brown shoes for your everyday office. You can also pair up suede shoes and loafers while heading for an off.

8. Tie, belt and wallet are very important accessories that cannot be ignored while thinking of a complete formal look.

9. Stripes in shirts and T-shirts for men will never fade or go out of fashion. These stripped shirts and T-shirts should be a part of every man’s wardrobe. Even Stripped ties can be a good option to play with.

10. Shades of pink, green and neon’s are the latest hit of this spring summer 2012. Do not hesitate to get out of the boring color wheel and experiment with these new colors.

Tryst with Statement Earrings


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One little accessory can make a big impact on an outfit. Gone are the days of black bags, shoes and simple and plain studs, and in their place you will now find all things statement. If you wish to invest in a single jewellery trend, it should be statement earringsThey are dramatic, they make your face look bigger add the oomph! These big but cute pieces of jewellery also have an element of festivity attached to them.

So, if you wish to experiment with the statement look, try your hands on statement earrings. There are so many unique shapes and styles to choose from that you will definitely find something to suit your style.  These are the hottest trend both for the daytime and for the evening parties. For the daytime, a pair of statement earring can serve as your main and only piece of jewellery. For the night, experiment with all the bling together for your ultra-glam look.

They are bold, sophisticated, and elegant. Golden chunky and statement earrings can be your fashion tool to accessorize in a jiffy. They can make you look complete and totally formal in it. We are sharing a few rules for wearing statement earrings to get the perfect look.

1. Short hair will put more focus on the darling pieces in your ears.
2. If you have longer hair, you can either put your hair on one shoulder or tie them high so that your earrings get all the attention.
3. Dress simply because you ears would do all the talking!
4. If you are wearing Golden pieces in your hair, then avoid any kind of bling in your other accessories or clothing.
5. More than ponytails and other hairstyles, hair tied up high (hair buns) would look classier.

So add a dash of funk and elegance with chunky, bold chandelier style earring. Add a matching handbag for a complete look. Though the clothes that you opt for can be more ornate and detailed for night time but go for simpler tones for the day time.

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