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The colors of a Rubik’s cube on your shirt.


Gentlemen, ladies have seen all those light summer shirts but it is that time of the year when you treat yourself with the season’s ‘It’ shirt.

Yes, I am indeed talking about the multi coloured check shirt in the image above. It has both pastel and poster colours in the palette and would go with your trousers but best if worn with light denim washed jeans.


It has a contrasting print on the inside of the cuff for that edgy look. This shirt is also the perfect example of the fusion of two prints. The cuff print is that of plaids whereas the entire shirt is in check. We think this works quite well and you get to own an item that is not regular. Add this baby to your wardrobe.



We have provided you with the complete look that would just look flawless on you. This is a start of a new and fresh looking wardrobe.

Light jeans, double shaded casual pair of shoes with the perfect sole size (which a lot of men are picky about), the most appropriate black smoky wayfarers, chain watch with blue and yellow contrast details on the dial and then finally that shirt. 
If you wish you could also slip in a white under shirt if you wish, that works too if you like to open 2-3 buttons o your shirt. Gives it that extra something, don’t you think?

 This was for the men and now for your ladies out there, if you plan on gifting him this shirt then what are you waiting for? Might as well gift him the entire look.

It will be worth it when you see the look on his face when you surprise him with this devil.



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You are work ready when you flaunt this look

office look

Bite on that edgy look this summer and have a fantastic work wardrobe. You need to step out of the house and be work ready and look like the diva you truly are.

Clothes speak more about you than you can ever imagine. They tell your mood, your behaviour, and can have a great impact on your body language.

Clothes speak to you. So if your ensemble has a sweat suit, shoes and sports bra then you are all pepped up to go for a run and in this case being professionally and smartly dressed makes you want to work more efficiently and that smile never wears off.

 Take pride in how you look at work and meeting deadline is going to be a cakewalk.

  You just need one item to make your outfit stand out. If your ensemble is looking dull then throw on a bright accessory or wear anything but black or brown on your feet. has put together a look to die for and here’s how you can make your Monday morning a cheerful one.


Amidst all those lockers and under all those files we find you shredding over work pressure. Take pride in how you look and then work will just take place automatically. You will feel good about yourself and will not make careless mistakes that cut back time.

 In the look above we have a nice black blouse to be teamed with grey jeggings and a blue rope belt with a gold buckle.

To finish the look and make it look appealing add the diamond-studded watch for that little sparkle in your ensemble, pink sunglasses and the neon pink necklace. Something so tiny can work wonders for your wardrobe. It has that bright factor and then there is neon, which is the ‘It’ factor this season.

 Be work ready and always wear that gorgeous smile.

Happy working ladies!



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Show your flower power this season.


We know you want to look like a fashion goddess and we have just the thing for you.

 You will blossom in the floral prints we have to offer, as the colors are just right for the season.

 A solid hued top might not do justice to the fact that you are indeed a head turner but a floral printed blouse will do the trick for sure.

 Our customer’s current favourite is the blouse in the image above as the silhouette too is ‘today friendly’. They love 3/4th sleeve and the neckline of the blouse. This is best example of the perfect length in a top that is not too high or low.

 Now a lot of you out there tend to get stuck with such a fabulous item. You own it but do not know what to team it with. shows you how: -


You need to complete the floral blouse with our hot selling plum jeggings, Pinkish plum sunglasses, Geometric bangle for that extra element, a diamond studded watch for the diva in you and a green belt with a golden buckle for an English and vintage touch to the ensemble.

 You can get the entire look and do not even worry about your pocket getting light; you get the entire look at the price that is beyond imagination.

 Flaunt it on the street and also this could easily pass for a ‘Friday dressing’ in your office.  This look is very chic, classy and trendy.

We do not want you to miss out on it.

If you are out for a day in the park with your girlfriends then throw on a flower tiara like a hippie on your head and let this look work it’s magic.

This one’s a keeper!



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Yes, we got it from Persia, but the Indian way is a mile higher.


About time we give up the old style plain Kurtas that are long. Gentleman, it is now time for a change! offers you not just plain kurtas but kurta shirts.

Isn’t that just brilliant.
This is an easy look and you are in your best mood the day you strut this, as you tend to be the most comfortable in it.

This piece of garment doesn’t make you want to stop from doing anything.

 We call it the feather season, as we need our dressing to be as light as a feather.

 We have colour blocked or rather weave blocked the kurtas in a forward fashion. It has today’s details such as, loops & button on the rolled up sleeve, Mid-way placket, and contrast patch pocket and contrast collar band.

We go way back when we speak of styling these babies. It is the best example of believing in simplicity and not simplification.

It is often said that it is very simple to be difficult but very difficult to be simple.

So we provide you with light accessories and ventilating footwear.

When you are sporting this look think spa, yoga, retreat and a tropical holiday curled up on a hammock. We love this feel and we are sure that you do too.

In the board above team it up these accessories and you are get set ready to go.


We haven’t limited ourselves to the blocking design element but also print like embroidery on the kurta. For a cooler appeal to the naked eye, the motif of an anchor has been utilized.

 A very clever contrast on the button thread is used to make it look more attractive.

The upside down patch pocket shows how a simple garment can be funky in the easiest of ways.

So enjoy our colour palette as we have a range of hues that you will not be able to resist.



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When denim compliments pastel in an airy fashion

pastel denim

We all have ‘n’ number of jeans in denim fabric and it is understood that we do not want to sport them in summers.

 Change the alignment of the denim and shirt it on.

This is the season for you to sport denim shirts and they need not be heavy. We have a lighter fabric and sits very well on your body.

Now the question is, you have been wearing denim as a bifurcate and not a blouse or top, so if your top is denim what will the bottom be?

 The answer to that is simple, ‘Pastel’.

We have a range of beautiful pastel in shorts, pants and capris. You might want to have a look at our bottoms category and go gaga buying these colours. You could also pair pastels with pastels but denim just works wonders

We feel very hot and pastel shorts are a no-brainer. In this boiling season you want to look fresh and dress light. So, you would not even need chunky jewelry along with it.


 When wearing pastels and denim this season, go easy on the accessories. A pair of sunglasses, a light sling or messenger bag or maybe a tote, depends on your style really and slip-ons or maybe just your ballerinas.

You could wear a chunky watch and wear tiny golden bracelets with it. Never ever go loud with the make up, the only visible element in your make up should be your matte black nail paint.

If you’re a fan of the ‘hippie cult’ then throw a flower tiara on those beautiful natural hair and act like that punk rocker with flower in your hair.

 This is a blossoming look this season. It is not worth the wait.




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 That classy shirt, which makes every man look delicious.


It is recommended that every man should own two check shirts to begin with. A shirt with big checks and another will smaller ones.

Everyone has the one with bigger checks but they underestimate the power of small checks. A shirt with mini checks look very chic, classy, vintage and trendy.

It compliments your body structure and gives you that sexy look, which every guy wants.

You spend so much time making your hair, trimming that stubble and putting together a look and as soon as you slap this baby on your fit torso, you look astoundingly stunning.

 This shirt would go with jeans and chinos but its best to pair it formally for a night out.

 You will also see celebrities sport this shirt at parties and get together or at a special brunch in the tinsel town.


We have all that you need to complete this look.
It is just the right kind of look to die for.

Follow the styling in the image above and you are ready to set the town on fire. About time men make themselves hotter than the weather today.

 Be that head-turner you have always wanted to be and grab this ensemble at Hurry!

 Like we suggested, it is the best bet to team the shirt with plain black trousers, but make sure the fit is correct –not too tight and not too loose, just the right amount of ease in it.

Black and white colour blocked loafers are just about the right thing to pick for this sharp look. DO NOT wear another colour with it.

A watch is not for you to know the time these days, it is something that every man should always wear, you know like a tattoo. This black and white watch with a pinch of red in it is working wonders.

 Last but not the least, dusty gold aviators to complete the look and show off those cheekbones.

This ensemble can be yours at the price of peanuts.
Why wait?



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The indigo number in an ombre plaid dress


The season for indigo and ombre is back with a bang.
Ombre seems to be rocking this season and we wont lag behind in laying our hands on it.

We at have the most amazing ombre numbers on our online store that you would love to own. Take out word for it.

This dress is like a media carnival. It is a mixed media of fabric treatments and design details. Everybody wants that little piece of clothing which has Design written all over it.

Mixture of plaids, ombre and a domestic goddess like silhouette like that of a ‘Mad men’ series woman.

Brands like ‘Gap’ have done a tube number in this format. Wouldn’t you want to own the ‘It’ thing this trend season?

Why wait? Log on to and treat yourself with ombre/plaid.

gap ombre indigo

Indigo being the cool colour does justice to ombre and we also have cute accessories to pair it with.


Keep your wardrobe cool and let your ensemble be cooler.

Do not go flashy with this plaid number because we already have that dominant element in the entire look.

Simply pair it with wind-runner sandals, ivory in colour, a slim ivory watch, a blue rope belt (optional) and beautiful blue, close to pastel sunglasses. These sunnies are our one of the hottest selling items.

Step out, looking like a breath of fresh air and make men walk into a pole while they can’t take their eyes off you from under their sunglasses.



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                                      The staple tee in a man’s gym bag


Men today have become more and more focused about working our in the gym and look appealing to not just women but to that man in the mirror.

It has become more of a lifestyle than a need to hit the gym.

 Contributing to the daily routine workout or maybe just running or sprinting in your nearby park, what is that basic thing every man needs?

 A Basic Tee. provides you with a range of colourful tees that would go best with your sports ensemble.

It is best to keep an extra pair in your bag always as they come in handy almost all the time.

spports has a lot of colours available in store. These t-shirts are not just limited to be worn in the gym or at the jogging track but you could always wear it on the streets.

 Colours like neon are doing great globally and what better item to have it in than in a sports tee.

Neon insets are available in grey and black tee and they are our current favourite

Be sure to grab at least two of them, you have got to stash these in your gym bag.


The style lines are ergonomically sound that gives your body the shape that you like and is flexible too.

It is best to wear these t-shirts in summer.

Neon details or insets work great in the gym. You are always boosted up and end up feeling great about you by the end of a session.

 It is that time of the year when you gear up to show those abs which concludes us to advise you to grab these babies and sport on!



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 The link between the ‘Tint’ and the ‘Shade’


When you think of the next best colour to own in your wardrobe GREY has to be it.

It is pre-owned by every young band member. Stop and ask any drummer, singer or guitarist if they own a grey number and the answer will always be yes.

This is just a minor observation we see college going students sport a grey number with oomph! And style.


In the image above you see grey tees with different prints on them.
They are digitally printed and the graphics are in rubber prints.

Usually you will spot the statement tees baring just a single hue, whereas a graphic or design would possess a lot of colors in them.

The alignment of the print is very important and also the things you pair it up with.


In the image above the very first picture is an example of a design mixed with text. What better colour than yellow and blue on grey. This is our current favourite out of all the shades of grey. provides you with the best shades of grey and the kind you’d love to flaunt over your chinos and you will remain cool in this colour.


We also have a range of women tees in grey with lovel captions and statements that women would love to flaunt.

If you are the ‘take it easy’ kind of girl then this is your ‘grab it’.

 These tees are well fitted but not too tight like a tank also not to lose like that of a man’s tee.

Wear it with your cute shorts or skirt maybe and summer up your wardrobe. Since the fabric is jersey, try and tie a knot to show off your midriff if at the beach or playing ball in the pool.

 You know you want it.

But what shade are you?



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A little no and a little show is the big ‘It’ thing now.


The power of lace is very much visible almost everywhere we go these days. At it is raining lace throughout. From Kurtis to shirts and blouses, everything is covered or has a detail with lace on it. This trend is worth applauding for. The trend that is just working wonders for people in this scorching hot weather.


Not just in western outfits but lace is working wonders on the traditional and contemporary wear’s ramp.

 This is the thing to wear for light summer clothing.

We know you do not want to show your bare back in broad daylight but hey! Here’s a trick (LACE).

So even if you want to wear Kurtis then why not do so with a little oomph!


Who does not want to see a colourful summer? I take it, no one.

 We all love colors and has an outburst of bright and beautiful hues. It is a staple trend and you have got to bag and do not just stash it in your closet, hang it right there because that baby is going on a lot of dates.

lovelace3How to wear lace?

The trick is not just to wear it all over but in tiny details of your garment. Lace could either be on the collar, yoke, cuffs, pockets, placket, sleeves or the entire back but never full. That just sounds wrong.

Flaunt these ever so beautiful shirts in your city and become a head turner.


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