Before you know, spring has sprung and summer is waiting around the corner to arrive. Bidding goodbye to all the dark and heavy clothes it is the time to wear some bright and happy colors, in lighter fabrics and designs. If you are someone who loves to wear season appropriate colors according to the fashion trend, Spring Summer 2017 has some fascinating colors for you to try out. Let’s find out more about them:

50 Shades Of Pink

It is time to explore all the shades of pink in your wardrobe. No restricted to any gender, pink has come up as a popular fashion friendly color suitable to all kinds of apparel styles. T-shirts, shirts, kurtas, jackets, skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts and much more are available in a wide range of pink. You can explore all the hues under this shade. Don’t shy away to try!

Timeless Black

Blacks are not meant for summer season… Oh pppffttt… Black is forever!

Spring summer 2017 came with good news for all the black lovers. Now you have a very fashionable reason to wear the black in every style and size. Instead of limiting it for the black tie events or evening engagements, wear black all day long by styling it with a series of accessories. Pop it, rock it, glitter it or jazz it, black is ready for everything!

Passionate Red

Not everyone can rock reds with utter zeal and confidence. However, if you think you can, it is time to add it to your spring summer wardrobe. Fared maxi dresses, button down shirts, and cute dresses, red will look fabulous in all of them. If you think it is a little overpowering as an outfit, go with red accessories like tie, pocket squares, makeup and jewelry.


Declared as the color of the year by Pantone, greenery is a collection of refreshing tangy green mixed with yellow undertones. However, from algae green to bright pop greens, you can wear anything to celebrate Spring Summer 2017. Being a cool and composed color, it will surely amplify your summery persona!

Primrose Yellow

After spicy mustard, it is time for the primrose yellow a very jazzy, bright and cheerful summery shade of yellow. Bring out the joyful side of your personality by adding this yellow to your wardrobe. A happening sundress or a tee, primrose yellow will make your spring summer cheerful!

White Perfection

Earthy, soothing and pure, white can bring out the innocence in you any day. Said to be the color of summer due to its cooling properties, it is a must to have white in your wardrobe this season.  No matter what is your apparel choice, you can add white to your day to day look!

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