The beautiful ice cream hues come back in the summers and monsoon every year, but there are many of us, who keep on wondering that how to incorporate these hues. Pastels are every girl’s favorite and make you look very girly and feminine. Here are a few tips which help you get ready in your favouite hue of powder ice to rose pink, and get noticed.

1) Colour Block: Colour Blocking is a sophisticated way to wear pastels. Pair up dark pastel hued pants with light shade of top and you will ooze oodles of style with sweetness.



2) Do not Overdo It: While wearing pastels, make sure to keep your make-up and rest of look simple. The feminine and soft shades will be complemented by dewy or peach make-up and wavy hair. Any elaborate make-up or dark lipstick may ruin your look.

dont overdo3) Tone Down with Neutral Base: If you not into pastels and love your collection of black, white and browns, then you may start with pairing a pastel top with white shorts or black skirt. It will make you wear the trend without compromising on your favourite shade. You may add a black blazer over a pastel top for formal look.

tone down4) Acessorise: Accessorising is the easiest as well as smart way to wear pastels, if you haven’t till now. Balance your black dress with a pastel clutch and sandals.


5) Sexy Pair of Heels: A pair of stilettos or wedges, which look stylish, is a perfect way to complete your look. It will add a lot of spice and glamour to your look.


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