Say yes to the Knot

About time we flaunt our midriffs. It is summer time and every girl’s favourite time in the city. Ladies it’s time to tap those polished fingernails on your keyboard and buy the mot favoured trend this season.

We know you are not comfortable with the idea of showing your belly yet as it is really hard to get rid of that muffin top. You can still chase this style without feeling uncomfortable. This trend does its share of teasing, not too less and not more. provides you with the knot trend in different silhouettes and different alignments of the knots in the garments.

In the image above the knots are tied up at the midriff whereas in the image below you shall see the knot sideways.

So, there are different variations in this detail and you would love to own at least one of them

We have these tops available in prints, solids, colour blocks, plaids and checks. According to your own style knot it the right way. have brilliant pair of skinny jeans that you could pair it up with. Slap on some accessories but do not make it loud.
A pair of big earrings would be just perfect.

There are different ways of tying knots and you can tie it in your own way according to your ensemble. You could tie a fancy bow, a sailor’s knot, leave it hanging or be an origami lover and do wonders with it like make a flower out of it for instance.

Accentuate your waist with this knot on the waist number.

It will do wonders for your body and you do not need an extra belt with it at all. It is light dressing for light weather.

So, are you going to get yourself a top?

If yes then good, if not then why KNOT?

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