[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BgpfYeXOmQ]Bittoo Boss is a comic drama about a wedding videographer who falls in love with a strong-headed, rich girl. The lead role in the film is played by debutant, Pulkit Samrat, with Amita Pathak as the main female protagonist in the film.

Pulkit Samrat has indeed got a good debut role but in contrast to other young actors in Bollywood who appear polished in their first appearance; for suiting this role Pulkit comes with an unshaven and unkempt look. But with long hair, an ear-ring, and beaded bracelet, Pulkit exhibits his own rustic style. He wears Indian Pathanis and casual modern clothes with a natural flair and some of his outfits have vintage touch and appearance. He has also chosen western clothes with an influence of the rugged urban culture in the song, ‘Audi’. Dark faded and torn jeans, with tees that have large frontal designs, bleached and patched jackets, and long chains hanging from the waist add punch to his clothes. In the song, ‘Kaun Kenda’, his casual clothing style is catchy with combinations such as jeans and shirt with a vest. His use of a black shawl on jeans, cotton rural scarf around the neck, suits the role, but is a combination best limited to films. His clothes fit well with neat cuts and; he looks especially nice in blue and black pathani suits. His figure hugging sweaters and tees work well and enhance his youthful charm. Amita Pathak has a shapely figure and looks gorgeous in western clothes, as well as colourful Punjabi suits.

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