[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVANDjFcX8w]Emraan Hashmi’s characters have mostly straddled around themes of darkness, mystery and passionate romance; giving him a unique aura among the current stars of bollywood. Today on his birthday, we look at his screen fashion in five of his popular films.

The Dirty Picture (2011) – In this biopic based on Southern actress Silk Smitha’s life, Emraan plays the role of a sensitive film director. To portray the serious look, Emraan is mostly dressed in dark colours and uses thick rimmed glasses.

Murder 2 (2011) – This movie revolves around the life of a corrupt ex policeman (Emraan), who has to battle a psychopathic murderer. Dressed in distressed denims and groomed in floppy hair; Emraan portrays the irreverent but resolute attitude of the character.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai (2010) – This crime thriller traces the power struggle in the Mumbai underworld in the 1980’s; and Emraan as the anti-hero, emerge as the undisputed mafia don towards the end. He portrays the character with aplomb with dress shirts and elaborate suits and sports a moustache for a macho look in the film.

Raaz – The Mystery Continues (2009) – Based on the premise of paranormal evil spirits possessing humans; Emraan plays an artist in the film. He appears in worn out jeans, washed heavy jackets and pastel tones; providing the appropriate dreary look to the character.

Jannat (2008) – Playing the adventurous life of a bookie, Emraan is at his stylish best in this movie. The glamorous life that Emraan steps into is portrayed in slim fit blazers, fitting tees and denims. Leather jackets, stylish shades and watches bring in the extra style quotient.

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