[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC67JzPqDG4&feature=related]The 1980s were marked by the advent of a new rock music band with Jon Bon Jovi as its namesake and lead singer. Rock music had not quite faded and the pop culture was yet to begin, when this US based band took the world by storm. Their original compositions got widespread fan following and Bon Jovi performed in more than 2600 hundred concerts around the world, selling over 130 million records. ‘It’s My Life’, their super-hit song released much later in 2000, immediately became an anthem of the youth. Appealing most to his young fans was a sense of style that exhibited the freedom of rock culture and the mild rebellion of the youth.

The most recognisable style statement that Jon Bon Jovi made was with his distressed denims and jacket. He had a perennially youthful look which was well complimented with his dressing. Cut sleeve shirts, checks and denims were a favourite. His unkempt hair also got wide acceptance and following. This dishevelled look with his blond locks again assisted his rock star image. Few people know this, but Jovi was extremely sensitive to sunlight and wore sun glasses almost all the time. This too became a fashion statement in the 1980s when the band was at its peak. Jon Bon Jovi’s easy sense of style was quick to reproduce, giving a large population of youth a direction in following their own personal sense of style. Jon Bon Jovi’s slim pants and without sleeves jackets will always be remembered as much as his energetic performances that set the 80s on fire.

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