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It’s the generation of selfies. Tweeting about your feelings. Wearing specific clothes to take selfies!!

Selfie defined is ‘A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to social media websites.’ When the Oscars 2014 were held at Hollywood, the world famous host, Ellen DeGeneres made selfies even more famous. She took a group selfie with the most popular stars, and hence started the trend of giving a name to your selfies. So we have the Oscar selfie, the lift selfie, the traffic selfie, funny face selfies and so on.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.44.43 AM

Courtesy : ynaija.com/teen

It’s nowadays a trend to dress for selfies. Pick an ensemble from Yepme.com and click away. The best choice in the coming heat would be a tshirt and shorts. We at Yepme.com are here to teach you, how to style your tees in new ways :

New ways to wear Tshirt :

1) Swap your boring tees with something artsy. A pair of cuffed jeans and platform shoes should finish your look.
2) Choose printed tees to make a statement. Just choose statements that are short and easy to read.
3) Like to go bold on the accessories? Maybe red shoes and red lipstick? Tone down the rest of the outfit with neutral tshirts.
4) Go retro, rock chic with an oversized tee. Choose tight fitting jeans and a girly clutch to keep it feminine.
5) Choose to wear your comfy tees on weekends and holidays. Having a 9-5 job takes away the pleasure of comfort dressing. Rock the low-key look by choosing tshirts from Yepme. Tees are eternal comfort wear and Weekend essentials.
6) Wear it like a blouse. Tuck it in your shorts and take this classic item to another level of style.

Let’s see now, as we have nailed the perfect summer look, it’s time to take a selfie and tweet about it!! Happy Selfies everyone.

Street Style Diaries


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Paint the town red this season (pun intended). Yes, we mean have fun shopping and at the same time don red in your attire to add a splash of colour in your ensemble. Step away from the neutrals and slip into something that is a statement alone.


  1. Black tee with a trendy print donned on it. Yepme.com offers you a t-shirt with the name of the fashion capital on it along with hearts and stars. It’s a fun t-shirt.
  2. Red capris for a light day. The length is heavenly flirtatious. Go rock it while you still can.
  3. Flats are the best companion to your feet and the best bet on an easy day. Opt for bellies, brogues, oxfords or any footwear as long as it’s flat.
  4. Wayfarer is simply made for this look so you know the cool drill here.
  5. Light bracelets would be great and if you’ve got your favourite charms on them, then nothing like it.
  6. A light shade of a lipstick, a hue that is closest to the original colour of your lips.

This spring summer you need to practice the art of contrast. It is the women who set the trends and this season you are going to handle a lot of followers, as you’ll be turning heads with your contrast smartness.

Colored pants with a contrasting blouse/tunic/top would be an obvious bet!


  1. Colored pants (mauve), breath ably fitted.
  2. A black race back top.
  3. Contrasting orange statement necklace.
  4. High peep toes, block heels.
  5. A chunky watch
  6. A big ring, maybe covering at least 3 of your fingers.
  7. Wear hoops for a hot look.

Good-As-Gold-Spring-Summer-2014-Lookbook-1 copy

Source : goodasgold.co.nz


The easiest of the outfit can be looked upon as a piece of art as log as you are accessorizing it with personal style. Make it happen! Wear less makeup and let just your lipstick and sunglasses do the talking.

Yepme.com gives your street style in both polished look and an easy look. It is for you to opt according to how your feelings are that day. Nevertheless you are painting the town red and we have your COLOUR!

Pleasure of Life


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Simple Pleasures
Simple pleasures of life :

Life has many things to offer, but the most happiness is when you enjoy the simple pleasures of life!! Sleeping in on a rainy day. Realizing you have more time to sleep.

A pair of jeans fits perfectly. You finally find that perfect top you have been looking for. Eating ice cream with your best friend. Being in the perfect mood just because your crush looked at you!! A life where little pleasures are enjoyed, is a life worth living for!!


Courtesy : expedino.com

When life seems flat and grey, take some time to think about life’s simple pleasures. In today’s world of high tech gadgets it’s good to think of these simple pleasures.

For many a girl and boy little pleasures are in getting appreciated for how they are looking. Yepme.com lets you do that, so start clicking.

A. Think colored jeans to brighten up your day. A fashion forward, choose red with your tees in black or white. For a more subtle tone, choose jeans in a pastel hue or a deep tone. Keep the jeans as the focal point of your outfit.

B. Express your mood through statement tees. Feel like royalty? Wear it to show it. Feeling like expressing your love? Say it with t-shirts. Xoxo girls. Traveling to Paris on your mind? Let’s state it with shirts. The list is endless and so are the styles at Yepme.com

C. Wear printed floral tops this summer. Why wait for Mr. Right to get you flowers? Gift yourself some, with floral tops at Yepme.com. Shop the latest floral trend and floor your guy. Wear feministic florals this season. Finish your look with whimsical makeup and loose curls.

D. This season let styles at Yepme.com, make you take center stage. Think graphics and Aztec prints for statement looks. Super colorful and gorgeous, this print looks perfect on t-shirts, skirts and even accessories. For a day out wear your graphics and Aztecs with shorts or a denim mini. Let a long neck piece hang out and you are instant boho-chic.

Life is too short, so stay awake. Enjoy the little moments. Take pleasure in little things, because when you look back these are things that matter. Look good for yourself, dress nicely for that crush of yours. Smile and laugh, as this moment is fleeting, but only yours.

Elements of Style – Men


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Guys' Summer styles
Custom suits and ties look great, but they are not much of a use to men in their 20′s. A good suit is useful to own but not much of a use if you have to go hang out with your friends.

Here we talk about, what should be the appropriate clothes then. This summer let yepme.com dress you up and you will stand out from the crowd.

Style it right this summer :

Most young men have t-shirt, a few throw on shirts and basic jeans!! We are going to talk about how to distinctively style them.

Happy go lucky :

Have a relaxed day? Don’t feel like dressing up? Just throw on a t-shirt with a pair of shorts. Choose tshirts from Yepme.com which have graphics or art. They look cooler and make a statement at the same time.

r jon cryer star 200911Courtesy : socialitelife.com

Keep it classic :

Wear a plaid shirt over jeans and maintain the evergreen classic look. This classic look never goes out of fashion. A shirt is to a boy what a lbd is to a woman.

Forever young :

These statement t-shirts are a must have. They let you speak your mind without saying a word. This is the ideal college look. You would want to leave a good impression on the romantic prospects you meet, plus raise the bar a little for your peers.

Trendsetter :

Aha!! You have style and are not afraid to show it. Simple things in your wardrobe can be turned stylish. Try pairing a t-shirt with a open plaid shirt. Throw on a pair of loafers and let’s make the girls turn heads this time.

Having a good wardrobe starts with a solid foundation. You need to gather versatile items that will go well with everything. Think basic items like blue jeans, graphic tshirts, plaid shirts and basic color shoes. All available at Yepme.com. Make sure all your clothes mix well together and learn to layer. Forget the trends, develop your own style. Look effortless but not botherless this summer with Yepme.com!!

The Hot Geek


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Library, Class, Lectures, Board Rooms, Conferences or Seminars-you name it and the nerds have aced these room with expertise. But a whimsical twist is brought to justice when the geek/nerd look dominates the fashion/trend industry. It is the boom and it is the big bang!

The geek next door is not the kind of person you want to look through. The nerd trend is whirl pooling the fashion platform and famous celebrities such as, Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers, One Direction and many more we are sure don this entire ensemble Other than the celebrity platform, this trend is a wildfire on fashion shows, street styles in all the fashion-obsessed nations.

You are a street style junkie when you are obsessed with vintage items.


  1. Anything vintage is a winner.
  2. A geek spectacle is a staple accessory.
  3. If you want to give the glasses a miss then substitute it with a clean, crisp bowtie.
  4. Suspenders! That machine, which automatically makes you look TALLER and trendier without much ado.
  5. A shirt be it a solid shirt or a plaid, check, striped one.
  6. Chinos, straight pleated-narrow bottom pants. Always keep it sharp with the bifurcate and never compromise on the hem fold.
  7. Brogues, Loafers or Oxfords, the very best gamble in the footwear roulette.
  8. HAIR – Your entire wardrobe can voice geeky but your hair needs to echo a Mafia hairstyle (Refer the 1st and 3Rd image).
  9. Man bag – Do not be afraid to don it, you can trust us on this.

Yepme.com is obsessing with this look and so should you. Dress sharp with these well-fitted shirts and pants. Your ticket to fitting in any environment or occasion is given by us, right here with the look that is spinning the classy yarn.



Monday Blues


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Beat the Monday blues by sporting the very hue and go to work in style. Blue is a negative feeling too but being cool is blue too. Now, blue is what you make of it and so it MONDAY!

Consider Monday to be the end of the week and start your week with Tuesday and take it easy on yourself. This way you are 4 days away from the weekend.

Think of it this way, if it weren’t for Monday, we’d never really enjoy weekends and its perks/importance.


‘Mon’ means mine in French language, so here we are telling you that it is in fact YOUR-day! Make the best out of it.

Your wardrobe ready and set, to get rid of the Monday blues but at the same time inheriting the blue! It’s complicated? No, very simple indeed! Wear tints and shades of blue and absorb a new aura of monochromatic variations in the colour of the universe/globe.

Blue is one and the only primary colour that looks classy and brilliant even when it is paired with the same shade or tint of blue. Variety is the spice of life and it is our job to discover it within our own wardrobe and if it’s missing discover it here at Yepme.com and flying to your closet.

Variety of blue shirtsformalsemi-formal and then the pants or chinos to go with. A classy watch should work like a body organ, always and always a part of you, PERIOD! Sunglasses are hip and hap, it is never a downer unless of course when worn indoors, HAHA!

Yepme shares smart tips to jump-start your Monday, follow the flowchart above and you are ready set go to toughen up on a Monday. Bleed blue with Triumph! As it starts with a little bit of ‘TRY’ and ends with ‘UMPH’!

Print’s Charming


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Prints Charming

Hey all :

A word of caution as you proceed further. The following content has graphic content that is suitable only for the fashionistas!!

Having said that, please proceed further :

You don’t have to be a mathematician to appreciate these dynamic two dimensional designs. Go geo this summer with stripes, diamonds and even hexagons. Love color? Take a cue from the colored printed tops at Yepme.com. Wear these colored printed tops(above left) to draw all the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from everyone.

The trick to wearing these prints is to keep the rest of the outfit simple – you would want to compliment not clash. Pair your prints with jeans and nude/black shoes for a understated look. Stick to colors that suit your skin tone while wearing prints. You can do two prints in one outfit by keep them in unifying color. A pop of lipstick with your prints just shows that you added a lot of thought to your outfit. Stick to smaller prints if you are of the generous physique. The smaller the print, the smaller the frame appears to the untrained eye.

A little scared to try out this trend? Step your toes in the water first by starting out with accessories. Mix a stripe clutch with floral shoes. It’s always easier to pick up a printed top from Yepme.com. No thinking required on your part, just throw one of these super cute tops on. You will be a.k.a the next fashionista. Go Pablo Picasso on your wardrobe this season ,with these beautiful prints. These key players of the fashion runway 14′ can now be in your wardrobe, so start clicking!! Make this fine art approach to dressing yours.

Print runway

 Courtesy : fabsugar.com, lovebrownsugar.com, fashion.net

Introducing Yepme LookBook – What to Wear on a Date


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In another edition of the Yepme Lookbook, we bring to how can girls dress for your date to look fantastic when you share that first glance with your someone special.

We talk about looks that will give an everlasting impression to your partner.

Look 1: Elegant Diva: Yepme Blue Dress paired with accessories

Look 2: Naughty Chic: Yepme Black Peplum Top paired with an Electric blue short skirt. Chunky accessories and black stilettos completes the look.

Look 3: Dare Devil: This look is all about being different and out of the crowd.

Pair Yepme Green Printed Top with Black Palazo pants. Accessorize with Colored hoops and orange peep toes.

To get these looks, Visit www.yepme.com

Polka Dot It


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Polka dot
Polka Dot Pretty :

Polka spices up any outfit. Nothing gives an injection of youthfulness than some polkas!! It brings out the girly girl who supposedly resides in every one of us. Polka dots are back in style and are showing up everywhere on tops, scarfs, and yes even iPhone covers!! You just can’t go wrong with a fluid polka – dot blouse that can work from day to night. Just choose a color that will flatter you. For any girl, wearing polka can be a bit daunting, and that’s where we come in!! Telling you what to wear and how to wear it right. 

Polka dot runway

Courtesy : thefashionspot.com, passionforprying.wordpress.com

How to style it :

1) Have fun with polka – Mix with florals or plaids – fun and loud, yet chic. Keep the colour as same when mixing two prints. This look is fun and eclectic. Pay attention to the scale – if your floral pattern is large, go for smaller dots and vice versa.

2) Go Retro: Get in the mood to dance and twirl. Wear your polka dot blouse with a midi skirt. Going out? Add a hat with Polka and a skirt for that vintage retro look. A bow in your hair or retro sunglasses, can give you the right vibe of retro, with your polka.

3) Too much in your face? Tone down your polka dots with a nude blazer or accessories. Wear nude shoes with your polka dot top. Go minimal with the makeup for classy and chic tone down look.

4)  A simple Polka dot top with shorts and some gladiators and a sling bag make summer dressing seem effortless. Feministic and fresh are the key words for describing this look.

5) For some vintage inspiration, add polkas in navy. Choose hair that spell ‘Dorothy’in ‘wizard of oz ‘. You will be sure to make heads turn and smiles from everyone.

6) Mix textures by pairing a denim skirt/jeans with your polka dot blouse. It’s unique and pretty at the same time. This look can carry you to chic style effotlessly.

A fun print that can add whimsy to any outfit. You will love the proliferation of clothing options at yepme.com. Have fun with this flirty, effiminate print. Go girls, get spotted with polkas.

Friendship & Love


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Coloured Jeans
Living your colors : Love and Friendship!!

They say love and friendship add color to your life. Finding happiness and adding color to your life, however, is not about about winning a race, binging on sweets because you love chocolate etc etc. It’s about love and friendship!! Tell that someone how beautiful and colorful your life is, because of them.

The fashion world has been struck with color and love. Now it’s about wearing color in denim. Extremely versatile, suits all occasions from school events to Grammys. Colored denims have turned the fashion world upside down. ‘Jeans‘ have now become the focal point of every outfit. Think a color and Yepme has that – yellow, pink, blue or red!

The Do’s and Donts of every color :

Red : Want something that can hold it’s own against red? Choose bold print top that contains the color so that it pops. In contrast choose a nice pink top for some color blocking effect. Girls who like to go demure and understated should stick to greys with red. Pick white or black for making a statement. 80′s fashion is back, and you can wear black leather jacket with your red skinny jeans. This helps the jeans to take center stage.

Yellow : This one is a good color as it goes well with everything, from cobalt to hot pink to greys. Paired with white, yellow pants look instant glam and high fashion. Go for a white shirt to look professional. Don’t wear black with yellow, unless you want to look like a bee!!

Blue : Wear your bright colored pants with neutrals and let them take center stage. Worn with neutrals like grey they can look office ready. Blue and white can look vacation ready. Choose coral and cobalt for a dramatic entrance. Stripes and cobalt can take you out for dinner.

Pink : Every girls favorite color. A failsafe is pairing white with pink. It’s perfect for the warm weather and the beaches aesthetic. An interesting way to turn an outfit upside down is by wearing denim on top. For visual affects, and to make things interesting, wear with a printed top. 

Shoes : When wondering what shoes to wear with colored jeans stick to neutrals. Any style, but neutrals, work best with colored jeans. Add a tinge of drama by choosing metallics.

Mute those accessories : The jeans are already bold enough, so go with soft accessories. For instance choose pearl drop earrings and a silver watch if you intend on wearing cobalt jeans with a white top. Small traces of color can also work as long as they remain small. For jewelry, gold or silver will work best. Still confused?? Here’s a table to help!!


 Courtesy : mc2squared.blogspot.com


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